Looking for Content Marketing Strategy? Come & Get It!

The Content Marketing Master Class will send you home with the strategy and know-how you need to create exceptional content that will engage your audience and grow your business.


“The CMI Content Marketing Master Class was a huge success in my eyes! From passionate speakers to great group activities with awesome people applying what we learned, all of it was extremely engaging and fun! ”

Julian Orozco, Media Executive, Kiosk

“The Content Marketing Master Class was great! The speakers shared so many wonderful real-world examples and numerous actionable ideas.”

Stefanie Kelly, Digital Marketing Director, Medical Staffing Network / Pathway Medical

“The CM Master Class was absolutely amazing. It was very comprehensive in scope yet detailed enough to arm the attendees with ideas & a clear direction for success. I cannot wait to implement what I have learned and attend more seminars in the future.”

Rob Cifaldi, National Marketing Manager, Campbell Fittings

“A refreshingly exciting, high-energy workshop complete with top-notch speakers and actionable information. Highly recommended to any professional looking to breathe new life into their content marketing and approach their efforts (and stakeholders) more confidently. You'll leave feeling reenergized and anxious to test out some great new tools and techniques.”

Kristen Pettersen, Subscriptions Marketing Manager, Institutional Investor